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Nov 14, 2017
Frank's song "Sweet Apple" appeared on prime time TV!  Season 3 Episode 5 of Lucifer.  Congrats to all involved with the album "Smile Trials", which is becoming a sought after license / placement in film & TV.  Produced by Ikey Owens (released independently - 2010)
 Don't miss Chase Frank w/ THE HARMS (w/ Lynzi Estrada & Matt Bongirno) during SXSW.  We play 3 shows. They are listed on 'The Harms'tab on this site! 
THE HARMS, Chase's band, welcomes the addition of new member Lynzi Estrada on bass & vocals.  We are currently working on a new album, set to record 2017.   You can hear the band's new vinyl 7" "Graveyard Love" here-- theharms.bandcamp.com (copy this url) see the tour dates page for details on shows for THE HARMS.

Chase Frank's song "Sweet Apple" can be seen in the new movie "Falcon Rising" and is available now on Netflix. 
 Hello all....  I've been busy working on my new solo record which we took for a live test run in Long Beach, CA Nov 2015.  It's coming along nicely, expect an acoustic record for a Sunday afternoon.  I am also working on a new album with my band THE HARMS in Austin, TX.  We have a new member, Lynzi Estrada who brings a huge voice & a deep love of the low end, we can't wait to tour with her!  Welcom Lynzi.  More news soon, definitely yours in Song, Chase Frank
It was a rough end of the year, I lost my good friend and producer Ikey Owens, along with the rest of world in 2014. My band, The Harms, were scheduled to record with Owens in Nashville.  I am still mourning the loss of my mentor & friend.

The Harms did press on & complete the 2 song single which will be released on vinyl, more news on that soon.  It was Produced by his friend / colleague Alec Esh, at Austin's TRCOA / Stinson studios, engineered by Jet Jaguar.  Can't wait to share the new songs with the world.  The two new songs are set to be released within the next two month.
Chase Frank will be touring with the Harms for their "Big Little Texas Tour".  Check the link above 'the harms' for show details.
Chase Frank just celebrated a release with her new group THE HARMS.  The 7 song EP is called "She Turns"  (and is also the title track).  The EP is available at their shows and mail order / digital via theharms.bandcamp.com.  Look for a national tour soon and a single from The Harms who is currently working diligently toward greatness!

y're listed on The Harms tab on this site!
Chase Frank just had a song placed in a major motion picture called "Falcon Rising".  The song is "Sweet Apple", from her 2011 release "Smile Trials".  Big thanks to Lindemark Music Collection for that accomplishment!   Chase just completed a record with THE HARMS teaming up for a second time with Ikey Owens as Producer.  The album is a classic story driven psych / punk record, with Jennifer Monsees on bass & Cliffton Real on drums.  Also on the record Baritone saxophonist & flautist Joseph Woullard guest stars along with keyboard hound Ikey Owens.  The album expects a 2014 release and subsequent national tour.  Currently the album features 7 songs including the popular "Python" & the psychedelic yet frantic "The Power Of Objects".  
Chase Frank writes:  I started The Harms was started early 2012, we just released our first single, it's getting lots of love....for example "dingus" in Brooklyn, NY says:

DINGUS single track review:  "Austin’s, The Harms, stare you down. Right in the eye. They’re here to make you move, to make your head bob up and down and side to side. ‘Take The Elevator‘ oozes confidence and spunk. No doubt about it, this is a band who have come to shake things up, so open your arms and welcome them.   http://theharms.bandcamp.com/

DINGUS single track review:
"Austin’s, The Harms, stare you down. Right in the eye. They’re here to make you move, to make your head bob up and down and side to side. ‘Take The Elevator‘ oozes confidence and spunk. No doubt about it, this is a band who have come to shake things up, so open your arms and welcome them. [Free Download] @LeahLovecat"

Hi all!  I am currently working on song #9 for the songwriterweekly.com 52 week challenge.  Whew!!  only 43 songs left to write!  It's been an experience, I'm working songwriter muscles I didn't know I had!   The starter lyric is given each week and then the 25 of us participating write and submit by the following week, when are then provided a new starter lyric.  Check it out http://songwriterweekly.com - on the right - visit pages of writers by name .  Also, check local friend Ronnie Davy's work!
In other news I am re-working the live set, duo set.   Lots of new material and more keys.

About THE HARMS.....I'm alway writing lots of material for my new band THE HARMS, we have changed drummers and we'll be back for live shows in about a month!  I love this band so much....check out one of our first songs TAKE THE ELEVATOR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvfaRxqFp3c&feature=relmfu  -- This is definitely the funnest band I've EVER been in! 

I am currently working on new material for my next solo record and developing more material for The Harms.  It's amazing to have lyrics I wrote 10 yrs ago come alive to me after laying dormant for all this time.  We'll be re-recording  a new version of Drop Out (There's a hip hop version here) http://chasefrank.bandcamp.com/track/drop-out (which was produced by Dave Williams) we'll be doing the lost original version which was never recorded. Lots of new material in the works too including "Ready to Shine" and more.
The Harms hopes to have some recordings for you by the end of summer, we're workin' on it!

Fall tour in the works too, stay tuned!

Been busy with my new all girl band "The Harms".  We're working on lots of new songs and I have to say, one of the funest projects I've every done.  Dani Neff is in a shredder retro heavy trio called Megafauna so she brings the goods, Jaylinn also amazing brings her multi tasking amazingness on keys (she's our bassist) and piano, and a bitchin' twangy voice (she's in The Boxing Lesson), and Amber West (also in a duo called Rooster) brings a unique steely drum approach with wide influences such as Komeda to Willie Nelson.  The collaborative nature of the band is what makes it so fun for me, everyone can write, sing, arrange, play.  Good times.  We're revving up for something with lots of live shows, and a possible recording being done soon.
Thanks to Matt Danko for joining me on the national tour.  He was amazing.  I am now joined by permanent drummer John Ashley.  Check the live page for shows and our SXSW dates, tour coming, stay tuned!  
Just got back from our national tour for the new album Smile Trials where we went town to town performing the new album in it's entirety.  We had some great shows with some great bands and I can't wait to do it again.  New drummer Matt Danko joined me on the national tour along with help from Alberto Carrasco for tour support.  We played in Austin, Ft Worth, Kansas City, Salt Lake, Boise, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles & Long Beach, to name a few.  Boise was a cool suprise, and a new stop as well as Kansas City and Fort Worth.  We met some awesome people and we hope to see you out there again soon.

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