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CHASE FRANK -- Guitar, Vocals, Writing -- Biography 
Chase Frank is a Singer-Songwriter born in Long Beach, CA and currently residing in Austin, TX.  She currently performs with THE HARMS, a female fronted 4-piece with elements of rock, garage-surf, Soul, 70's riff-driven guitar and stiff beats.  Her music can be heard in the movie 'Falcon Rising', 'Lucifer' (Fox Television/ Warner Bros) & more (Smile Trials, self released, Produced by Ikey Owens).

Her solo sound is wide & varied.  Her style is thick with both compassion and sarcasm.   She grew up on Motown vinyl and J.C. Superstar.  Her guitar hero is Nels Cline .  She strives to sing like the great female black voices she grew up listening to:  Nina, Billie, The Shirelles, Aretha and others.  Her compositions skillfully blend her fascination with harmonies & retro guitar tones with the honesty of early blues, modernized.

Frank recorded her 4th full length solo record with Producer / Keyboardist Ikey Owens (Jack White, The Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents). The collaborators were many--Engineer Stephen Ceresia of Sunday House Studios (Bastrop, TX) at the helm, vocalist Ahmad Jamal Butler (long distance band-mate since ('06), drummer Wayne Duncan & Cellist/Bassist Steve Bernal make the album soar and dip.

Her earlier psych sound with lyrics about dark matter has grown into a less autobiographical focus on the album "Smile Trials" -- a brilliantly executed mix of pop melody, dark psych, and revelatory lyric including the song We Humans, she sings:

"We humans are messy we never come clean, 
we whoop, we holler we don't know when to quit
can't stand the truth, denial all day,
we try and we try, but it just won't go away"

With literary stories of Smile Trials in the USA, poverty, class, race, and fitting in, Frank takes on the voice of a different character in each song.  A friend tries to coax a girl to stop turning tricks (Happy Go Lightly), a straight man turns into a night life junkie (Johnny Masterall) and a girl begs for human contact in the age of the internet & false bravado (Space Invasion), and her most requested song--A girl finally professes her love for the man that so openly accepts her, troubles and all (Sweet Apple).

US Booking chasefrankmusic (at) gmail  - Int'l booking inquiries:  alecesh(at) masscrush.com
Publishing:  Deanna Sorenson, Lindemark Music - lindemarkmusic.com

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